ADWLE staff media training

Media training for ADWLE staff

ADWLE staff are undergoing their second week of media training.

The training covers the importance of an organisation’s public profile, as well as that of an individual’s professional profile, what role social media plays in maintaining that profile and the technical aspects of website management.

“I understand better that LinkedIn is a marketing tool to sell oneself as well as to promote the work of ADWLE which is important for us to learn,” said ADWLE’s Law Manager, Chao ThaoChongpao.



The training will go on for five weeks after which the staff will have a deeper understanding of, and ability to use, the Association website and social media sites.
ADWLE’s Gender Advisor Anja Wiersing organised the training in collaboration with ADWLE director Inthana Bouphasavanh. Media trainer and advisor Dan Garlick from Gender Development Association (GDA) is facilitating the training.