Meeting for selection new married couples in 9 villages, Xaythany district, Vientiane capital from 14 to 24 August 2018

29 couples from 9 village: 3 Dongbang, 4 Nasala, 3 Thadindeng Tai, 5 Thadindeng Neua, 2 Nontea, 2 Oudomphon, 4 Ladkhouay, 2 Sanoudom and 3 Paksabkao. we will choose only 27 couples from 29 village

  • Village authority had good cooperation for preparation and coordinated to the new married couple group.
  • New married couples attended the meeting and had interactively constructed discussion on the project carried out in their villages.

Village authority assisted ADWLE team to encourage the new married couples to more understand the project and the benefits that they will gain from such project if they can engage.

Training on Techniques on Counselling for the victims of Gender-Based Violence was organised on 4-6 July 2018 at Vangvieng, Vientiane province.

Training on Techniques on Counselling for the victims of Gender-Based Violence was organised on 4-6 July 2018 at Vangvieng, Vientiane province. 27 participants from ADWLE, LACVWC, LDP, CLE of NUoL, CLE of Champasak Uni were attended including 15 women

Participants learned new skills and methods on counselling for the victims including techniques of emotion of counsellors.

Supporting by: EU-Helvetas

Exchanged lessons of paralegals workshop was set up on 26 July 2018 at the 19 km Restaurant, Xaythany district, Vientiane capital

Exchanged lessons of paralegals workshop was set up on 26 July 2018 at the 19 km Restaurant, Xaythany district, Vientiane capital chaired by Bouavanh Chasoakao, Vice-Governor of Xaythany district who leads works of SubCAWC.

There were 45 people(21 women) attended, and 16 paralegal out of which 10 were women.
there are exchange between paralegal, our staff, and another:
1. What do you think about GBV manual of paralegal? What are useful?
=> They replied that it is a tool for using during real mediation in the village. The contents are complete. It is a tool to assist the victims. It is very important because it is a good reference and guides direction for addressing the issues happening in our villages
2. What does paralegal means?
=> They replied that paralegal is a person to assist villagers and to give an advice to the victims. They will accompany the victims access to justice process. They will help the vulnerable people who do not know laws and accompany them to meet each concerned organizations. They will record and conclude information, keep confidential and send to Ministry of Justice. To be concluded that the paralegals are volunteers, who already received training on assistance skill and methods, working in their own villages.
3. Why paralegals are needed?
=> They replied that due to the villagers do not know laws. Due to the paralegal are used to familiar with villagers, talk truly, know very well the real village situation and occurred problems.

– The workshop was conducted with good atmosphere, enjoyed and completed as defined objective.
– All participants concentrated in exchanging some lessons and contributed substantive ideas to the workshop.

support by: EU-Helvetas

ADWLE strategic plan and regulations on 13-14 December 2018 at CAT Phonphanao village, Saysettha district, Vientiane Capital

The meeting was organized and opened by chair Madame Inthana Bouphasavanh, director of ADWLE. There were 24 people out of which 16 were women attended. They came from Vientiane capital Judicial Department, Vientiane capital Lao Women Union, Xaythany district Lao Women Union, Xaythany Judicial office, Xaythany cabinet,Xaythany security,Helvetas,GIZ​, LDP, LCCO, DFCA, Faculty of law( National University of Laos), Faculty of Law ( Champasak University), ADWLE staff and Administrative Board.

Divided groups for discussion on next strategic plan

Question 1: what ADWLE focus on?
Reply 1: Below are answers:

1)      Apply SDG ( 5, 16) and 8th five year National Social, Economic and Cultural Development Plan(NSECDP)
Article 5: Gender equality and women empowerment in 15 target villages.
Article 16: Peace and laws
2)      Knowledge, capacity of staff, law partners, legislations, gender and Gender-Based Violence.
3)        Government sees effectively a significant cooperation with ADWLE.
4)        Developed partners see an important roles of ADWLE and fruitfully cooperation
5)        Several organizations supported funds to ADWLE for instance EU, Helvetas and Oxfam.
6)        Access to many target groups: 15 villages, 2 FLP, 10 secondary schools.
7)        Women access to equality and law by 50% and peace increased.
8)        Men assist family chores increasingly.
9)        Build capacity on human rights ( increased training and share experience)
Question 2: How future of ADWLE look like? Can imagine the view of ADWLE
Reply 2: ADWLE ‘s image from present to 2020:
1)     Society knows and acknowledges ADWLE nationwide.
2)     Staff has more professional knowledge.
3)     Expand more target groups.
4)     Build capacity for new generations to continue ADWLE’s vision.
5)     Be representative and reliable for women and children victims  
Question 3: What methods are recently ADWLE welcomed by Lao society and global? Why?
Reply 3: They will recently acknowledge ADWLE as follows:

1)  Should be acknowledge by society.
2)     Should be acknowledge, reliable and trust by government and private.
3)     ADWLE should have monitoring and inspection units: duties and other movement.
4) Staff have sufficient capacity related to their works

The meeting focus on main partners who have joined together implementation  of the activities with ADWLE to understand the strategic plan in order to reach the designed strategic plan.
The meeting also emphasized on participatory approach on sharing ideas.
The participant contribution was write down their comments to the small cards and had group discussion